Preventing Conflict over Air Conditioning in Offices

In offices across the UK there is an ongoing conflict over the air conditioning – those who enjoy it and feel comfortable throughout the day vs. those who dislike it and are shivering at work. This conflict can have a negative impact and is not ideal for a happy workplace and calm environment for employees to feel motivated and productive. To prevent this conflict over air conditioning in offices, you need to find a happy medium to create a comfortable working space for everyone.

Resolving Employee Issues

Whilst feeling uncomfortable from the temperature is disturbing, issues between employees can create rifts in the space and reduce productivity. These problems between employees need to be resolved and an optimum temperature must be chosen by the manager or team as a whole.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

Offices should use building services engineering to check the air conditioning systems and ensure they are working effectively. They can add in comfort cooling systems, or they can recommend the optimum temperature to keep the air conditioning at so it keeps the room comfortably cool.

Self-Managing Comfort

As it is virtually impossible to please every person in one space, the employees should also be told to self-manage their comfort. Once the air conditioning has been set to a medium temperature, those who feel cold can bring in extra layers and drink warm drinks. On the flip side, those who feel warm can wear fewer layers and drink cold drinks.


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