Selecting Your Central City Accountant

Are you looking for an accountant central London? Or indeed any other central city location. If so, read on for a list of the top five important considerations you should bear in mind when selecting your central city accountant.

  • Price – Central city accountants often charge a premium for their services. Select a firm which has rates which you think are reasonable and fair, remember that accountants generally pay for themselves in the long run by saving you more. Ask if the fees are fixed rate or hourly before any work begins.
  • Qualifications – Every accountant should be qualified and no exceptions to this should exist. Additionally, check that your selected professional has accreditation from a governing body.
  • Experience – Does your accountancy firm or finance professional have experience in the particular market sector that you need them to have experience in? While many skills are transferable it may be beneficial to have a professional who knows your industry already.
  • Availability – Find out who will handle your account and how available that person will be. Will they be available to meet or to speak over the phone or are they limited to very specific times?

The above are important considerations for you, the client, to keep in mind when selecting your accountancy firm or financial professional. Remember that these professionals will be dealing with and handling your sensitive information, making a well informed and researched choice can make all the difference to you and your business.



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