Taking Your Kids to Play Golf

Whether you want to teach your children to play golf or they are already junior players, taking your kids to play golf can be a stressful experience. However, there are ways to do it without bothering other groups on the course, in an acceptable time, and to make it fun for the children.

Book a Time

Talk to your local golf course to check for quieter times and explain you will have junior players with you. The staff will know the busier times of traffic and should be able to recommend a good time to come when you will not be rushed around the course. Alternatively, a great way to play golf with juniors is at the golf driving range Crawley where you can choose from a number of renowned golf courses and take your time playing.

Make the Game Short

A game for children doesn’t need to be 9 holes, in fact depending on the age of the players the game can be between 5 and 6 holes which is more than enough. It is better to leave them happy and wanting more, rather than feeling tired and overwhelmed.

Reduce the Yardage

Juniors do not need to play full length courses, so a great way to make it fun is by creating your own course within the large course. Children under 8 can play between 50 and 150 yards out on a hole, then up to 12 years old it can increase to between 180 and 250 yards.

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