Top 5 Cyber Security Tips

Small businesses often don’t think to protect themselves from cyber attacks due to the perception they don’t have anything worth stealing or their size. However, small businesses have lots of valuable information that cyber criminals are looking for such as customer and employee data, bank details, and even access to the company’s finances. No matter the size of your business or even as an individual online, you need to make sure you are properly protected. Here are the top 5 cyber security tips to stay safe online:

  1. Secure Your Networks

Make your internet connection safe with encrypted information and a firewall. IT services companies London can come in to secure your networks using professional software.

  1. Antivirus Software

Every computer that is a part of the business should be equipped with antivirus and antispyware software that is updated regularly. These can be downloaded and installed by your IT service company or by a professional.

  1. Have Security Policies

Policies and practices should be established for security, so employees know how to handle sensitive data. Violation consequences should be put in place for those who do not follow the rules and jeopardise the company’s safety.

  1. Train Employees

Employees should be trained about online threats and what to do to protect the company’s data. They should be required to use strong passwords and to change them regularly.

  1. Use Best Practices for Payments

Along with your bank, ensure that when payments are made with cards that best practices such as ant-fraud services are being used.

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