Using Photos to Support Content Marketing

Photography has become a large part of content marketing in recent years and helps to attract potential clients using visual communication. With photography social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr rising in popularity with millions of users every day, photographs and images are clearly the way forward. Photographs that are used to support content marketing are the first impression to draw readers in and offer a chance to see

Using Photographs in Your Content Marketing

Here are 5 ways to use photographs in your content marketing:

  1. Post a range of photographs for each product and go beyond the basic shots of products on websites. Treat the product as the star of the show and post unique shots of the product in use.
  2. Teach readers how to use a product using photographs. Instead of a how-to booklet or video, simply take photos for each stage of the process to show viewers how the product works.
  3. Invite customers to share photos of the product or other brand related images. These photographs shared by clients are a great way to encourage user-generated content.
  4. Use only high quality images taken by a professional photographer to represent your brand. Work alongside a creative marketing agency for ideas with images and the best photographers to capture amazing images.
  5. Post photographs of your organisation and tell your story. People want to see images to understand the history of a firm, get a sense of the physical location and feel trust in the company.


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