What to Look for When Inspecting Your Roof

Periodically maintaining the roof of your property is a project that should be taken seriously. Rather than replacing the roof structure or carrying out large repairs, regular roof maintenance to keep your property protected will save a lot of time and money. If you have a good quality roof then repairs may not be necessary but checks and maintenance every year or half a year should be carried out. Here is what to look for when you are inspecting your roof:

  • Leaks, damp, mould or darks spots on the interior of the property are big signs that there is a problem with the roof that should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Missing, damaged or curling shingles should be replaced.
  • Rust spots on the flashing can be solved with a wire brush, primer and paint.
  • Cracked caulking or mortar areas should be cleaned and resealed.
  • If there are signs of moss, algae or lichen then zinc or lead control strips can be installed. Slight black algae stains however are usually just cosmetic and will not lead to damage.

If the maintenance or repairs are complicated it is best to hire a professional that will carry out the work in a skilled way to make sure it lasts. Roof supplies in Birmingham and nationwide can be purchased in a specialised store and work can usually be completed in a short time frame if it just slight repairs.

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