Why Reverse Parking is the Best Way to Park

All drivers have their own techniques for parking, but believe it or not it has been proven that reverse parking is the safest option for parking a vehicle. Although reverse parking is taught when learning to drive and is required to pass the test for a license, many drivers still find it difficult and would rather go in to a parking space front first.

A large percentage of vehicle accidents happen in car parks, usually when a vehicle is backing out of a space and hits another car. When reversing in to a space a driver can usually get more accuracy, visibility and control. Once parked, it is easy to get out of the space safely as the driver simply has to move forward, plus they have a panoramic view of what is around them from the windscreen and mirrors.

Now more than ever it is easier to reverse park due to the introduction of backup cameras. These reverse cameras for trucks and cars use a camera mounted at the rear of the vehicle and a screen by the driver to provide a clear view of what is behind the vehicle. Instead of having to use mirrors and turning around to look out the window which has many blind spots, a driver can safely reverse using the screen to show them exactly what is at the rear of the vehicle. These cameras have become standard in most new vehicles and are easy to install in to older vehicles.

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